Combo - Setpower 80 Quart TC75 Fridge + Small 21 Quart MC20 Portable Fridge

$769.99 USD $828.00

SHIPPING WAY: The TC75 and MC20 will be delivered separately.

About 80 Quart TC75 Portable Fridge Freezer:
🏆 0°F~50°F rapid cooling
🏆 Independent dual zone design
🏆 Reversible and removable lid
🏆 3 level battery protection
🏆 Built-in 2 large capacity basket & LED light
🏆 MAX mode for fast cooling, ECO mode for energy saving
🏆 Local customer service and 12H fast response
🏆 3-year warranty on compressor and 12 months warranty for other parts

About 21 Quart MC20 12-Volt Car Refrigerator:
✅【GUARANTEE OF WARRANTY】Setpower 12-Volt Fridge Freezer Comes With a 3-Year Warranty on Compressor, a 12-Month Warranty on Other Fridge Parts. (Refrigerator included: DC Power Cord, AC Adapter, 4 Free Fixing Ropes & User Manual).
✅【FAST COOLING DOWN TO 32℉】Using Premium Compressor Refrigeration Technology and High-quality Piping Materials, this 12v Car Fridge Freezer can Quickly Drop the Temperature from 77℉ to 32℉ in 15 mins, No Need to Buy Ice, Food Won't Spoil On The Go, Save Money and Keep Food Fresh
✅【45 WATT LOW POWER CONSUMPTION】This 21-quart Portable Fridge Freezer Runs on Less Than 40 Watts. The Smart Cycle Of This Refrigerator is designed to use an average of less than 0.9 kWh/day.