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Early Bird Offer 

It will start on January 18th. Stay tuned!

exclusive discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts between January 18th and January 31st

free Accessories

Three extra free accessories are included in the refrigerator. Limited quantities! 

Fast Delivery

Enjoy the discount and gifts, and It will be shipped quickly on the 23rd. 

✅ Free portable shoulder strap 
✅ Free high-quality ice box ✅ Free anti-slip bracket

16 Quart AB15 Car Fridge | Perfect For MPV

Fast cooling to 0°F in 11 mins
Quick-frozen & Low Noise ≤42dB

Portable in-vehicle and outdoor design
Includes free portable accessories

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Triple battery protection
Uses less than 40W of energy consumption

3-Year warranty on compressor
24-Month warranty on other parts