RV life has been around for quite a while but in the past couple of years, van life has been growing rapidly among adventurous nomads. In a way, RV and van life are similar as they are both homes on wheels that let you travel while taking your home wherever you go. Can you just visualize yourself waking up to a different beautiful scenery on a daily basis?

The question is "Which is actually better?" Well, it really depends on your preference and the lifestyle you are going as they will both give you a very different experience. Why don't we go ahead and look at the pros and cons of choosing the RV life verus van life.

RV Life


More Comfortable to Live In

Generally, an RV is bigger in size compared to a camper van so you'll feel more comfortable to live in the RV and it will feel like being in an actual house with all the amenities.

More Spacious

An RV will be roomier and ideal for more than 2 or more people to live in as you won't have to think of tight spaces. More space also comes more storage so you will be able to bring a long a lot of things in your mobile home.

Cheaper Insurance

On average, RV owners pay for cheaper insurance as companies believe that they are less of a risk compared to a camper van.


Uses More Fuel

As gas prices are rising, you may have to consider if RV life is really for you since you are likely going to be driving a lot on the vehicle. You will spend a lot more on gas on your RV compared to when you are living in a van as it does use a lot more fuel while you are on the go.

Less Convenient to Drive

The RV is harder to drive when you are making turns and trying to parallel park. You will get the hang of it though after a while so let this not be the reason to why you wouldn't get one.

Limited to Where You can stay and Park

Camper vans will find it easier to find places to go and park. RV owners will have a much harder time to find places to park or to stay and sleep for free.


Van Life


Easily park anywhere

Its compact size can give you more freedom to park compared to when you are driving in an RV. You will also find more places where you can sleep for free.

Spend less on for gas

Vans get better gas milage compared to RVs so this means that gas prices will more affordable. When your home is also your vehicle, you will tend to drive a lot in it so gas pricing will have a huge effect on your financial statements.

Easier to Drive

Driving a van is almost like driving a normal car. You won't have too much issues on making your turns or parking the right way compared to when you are driving an RV. 


Less Storage

Living in a van means you definitely have to be a minimalist with a few materials to own as you are living in a tight space. You'll also likely only fit one bed so you can only accommodate 1-2 people to live more comfortably.

Live Less Comfortably

Most vans do not have amenities such as toilets or showers unless you spend to install them and that will not be cheap. You will also need to consider that it will take up some space on your van when you already to do not have a lot of space in there.  


Size matters. If you want to live in an RV, it will generally be bigger leading to more space, storage and amenities to live more comfortably. If you are looking for convenience when it comes to traveling, then you would want to live in a van as it is much easier to drive, park and stay anywhere.

July 20, 2022 — Mel Che
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