It's officially October which means it's officially spooky season! If you're looking into getting into the holiday spirit but want to do some festivities that involves more of the outdoor, here are a few suggestions to get into the spooky season!

  • Visiting Haunted Campgrounds/ Places

The ultimate activity to really get into the spooky season. There are many locations you can visit to get the paranormal activity experience. From local cemeteries, state parks, schools, to an area, here are a few haunted campground locations:

Antietam Creek Campground, Hagerstown, Maryland – 23,000 men died here during the Civil War and there are still reports of the sounds of military drummers, gunshots and cannons being fired, and sightings of ghostly soldiers. 

Beaver Creek Campground, West Yellowstone, Montana – The lake here was formed by an earthquake that triggered a landslide that killed 28 campers in the night in 1959. Strange sightings can often be seen over the lake where the old campground is buried. 

Braley Pond, Virginia – A horrendous gang murder in 2003 has turned this into the most haunted campground in Virginia. 

- Holcomb Valley Campground, Big Bear, California – The site of weekly hanging and murders, visitors often report strange sounds and sightings. 

- Lake Morena Campground, San Diego, California – Over 40 years of unexplained activity and spooky sightings.

  • Visit Campgrounds with Halloween Activities 

Planning your own Halloween festivities can be a lot of work if you have a busy schedule and if you want to go camping that has activities for the whole family, there are many campsites that offer Halloween events for the month. This way you can squeeze in a camping trip with the whole family and also celebrating the holiday. 

  • Hiking at Night

If you're looking for some spooky adventure, going on a hike at night will be what you're looking for. Be sure to research the times when hiking spots are open/closed and to pack a flashlight. You may also want to be cautious for the wildlife. This activity will be a spooky adventure.

  • Scary Movie Night

A movie night in the outdoor will get you into the spooky spirits. There are many varieties of movies/shows you can chose from. Just grab a blanket, pillows, chairs, string lights, popcorn and snacks, and more to set up your movie night. If you want to create a scary movie night at a campsite, just be sure to download your movie/show before your camping trip so you can have it ready on your iPad or Laptop to watch. Some popular movies for Halloween includes:

- The Nightmare Before Christmas

- American Horror Story

- IT

- Hocus Pocus

- Paranormal Activity

  • Scary Stories Around Campfire

There's nothing more nostalgic than a scary story around a campfire. This will be a great time to bring those marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make some s'mores. If no one in your group knows any scary stories, you can always lookup some podcasts for the whole group to listen to. Just be cautious that you won't be able to get some sleep that night.

  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt/ Maze

This activity will be great for the whole family that will include treats. You can either visit some Halloween scavenger hunts/maze or you can create your own. You can hide treats and also have people dressed up in scary costumes to come out and scare those who are looking for the treats. This activity will be both thrilling and scary. 

  • Amusement Parks/ Museums 

Many amusement parks are also getting into the holiday spirit and wanting to celebrate the spooky season. Here are a few theme parks that are offering special holiday events for the spooky season.

- Knott's Scary Farm

- Universal Studios Horror Nights

- Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash

- Queen Mary 

  • Pumpkin Patches

Nothing screams like fall season as much as Pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice lattes. This is a great and fun activity for the whole family. Many pumpkin patches has many activities such as games, foods, petting zoo, rides, corn mazes, shows, and more. You can end the day by picking the perfect Jack-o-lantern and going home to carve and decorate it yourself. 



October 07, 2021 — joey lv