Smartele Portable Floor Fan:Makes Outdoor Cooling a Breeze

Spending time outdoors is one of the happiest things in summer season, but it can quickly become uncomfortable in warmer weather when there’s no wind. Then you will need a best outdoor fans improve instant air circulation and create a cooling breeze, while also every portable to bring along. Searching for the perfect outdoor ceiling fan? Smartele floor fan can satisfy your needs perfectly!

1. Quick charge & Multiple Function

Smartele fan has 2 sizes for options--12” or 16”, 12 inches is equipped with 12500mAh battery, otherwise 16 inches is equipped with 15000mAh battery. The powerful battery allows that it just need 2 hours to get a full charge, save more time for outdoor trip preparation. High quality Lithium-ion battery pack, it can run 3 - 38 hours during the outdoor trip. What’s more? Smartele fan is more than a fan, it can also be used as a power bank, it can power your other electronic facilities, no more worrying about your phone dying when you go outdoors.

2. Best 5AS Blades Structure

Smartele fan comes with unique 5AS fan blades design, 5AS fan blade design is the most scientific design found after testing, 5 blades can make the wind blown out more soft and comfortable, maximize the human comfort level.In addition, the fan euipped with powerful pure copper BLDC motor to provide max 2500 CFM high performance air flow and longer usage life.

3. Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor

The metal frame, anti-slip rubber feet, a carrying handle and cordless fan design make it the perfect fit for various environments, whether it’s a small apartment, an RV, an outdoor tent, or a cozy bedroom. Also it has IPX4 waterproof structure, so that you can even bring it to a beach camping.

4. Safe & Ingenious Design

This portable battery operated fan cordless fan with a LED battery life indicator, and after repeated testing in the research and development process, we have achieved the most stable and safe wind speed. And its controllable air flow and noise levels allow you to use it while you’re sleeping without disruption.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the Smartele floor fan is a game-changer in the world of portable floor fan. Its user-friendly design and competitive pricing stand out from the crowd. It sets a new standard for portable fan, offering superior comfort and performance. So, decide wisely and enjoy the transformative benefits of modern technology at your fingertips. Stay cool and stay comfortable!