Mother's Day is this weekend! It's a wonderful holiday celebrating and honoring all the mothers/ mother figure. If you're still considering what gift to gift your mother, here is a gift guide you can refer to but hurry!
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) Gifts

A DIY is a popular and sentimental gift because it is made from you yourself. Even if you're not a crafty person there are many DIY gifts you can make. Many children will make their Mother's Day a DIY gift in school. You'll just need a few materials already in your home or you can run to a craft or dollar store to make them. These gifts are special because they are made with love and effort. If you still don't have a gift for Mother's Day yet, a DIY gift will be great! And the best part about a DIY gift is you don't need a lot of money to spend. It's a great sentimental gift.

  • Personalized Gifts 

Personalized gifts is also special and there are many ways you can purchase a personalized gift. If your mom loves drinking coffee/tea, consider getting a personalized mug with a photo printed on it. You can personalized blankets, shopping bags, phone case, magnets, candles, and a lot more! You can also personalized a photo book, frame, or canvas print for a memorable gift. A great website you can personalize any of these gifts is or Notate that this gifts will take time to create and ship so if you don't have much time, you can gift mom a personalized gift next time.

  • Vacation/Staycation - fridge

Being a mom is a full time job. A great gift is to gift her a relaxation day whether that's a staycation, a vacation somewhere, or even a spa/massage day. Staycation can be a day where the whole family will be out to leave mom at peace at her own home or at an Airbnb/hotel not too far away. You can gift her a vacation to somewhere she's always wanted to go, this can be with the whole family or with her friends.

  • Kitchen Appliances or Hobby Related Interest

There are many new kitchen appliances inventions coming out every year that will help make cooking a lot easier. These will be great gifts for moms who cooks for the family. If your mom loves drinking coffee, an upgrade in her coffee machine will give her a happy start to every morning. If your mom has a hobby interest, you can purchase a gift revolving around that interest. Whether her hobby is sewing, collecting coffee cups, plants, decorating, or more, you can even purchase personalized gifts that includes her hobby. 

  • Jewelry, Handbags

Jewelry or handbags are a popular choice of gift for Mother's Day. These gifts will require a bit more splurging. The jewelry can also be personalized such as engraving a special date or name on it or it can be a locket necklace that has a photo inside. For handbags, designer items are usually a popular gift as Mother's Day is an occasion where people don't mind splurging. 


If you're not sure what to gift your mom still, a safe bet is to ask what she wants. Sometimes you'll be surprised it's a simple and practical gift but they will enjoy it regardless. We wish all the mom a Happy Mother's Day!

May 04, 2022 — joey lv