Setpower's FC Series is our smallest fridge in size and weight which makes it our favorite fun size cooler. However, don't let the size fool you, we assure you that the small size and weight is still made with the high quality features as our other series. In fact, the compact size makes it a winning feature.

The FC series comes in two models, the FC12 and the FC20. Here are some features and information on why they're a great choice and why it's our favorite fun size cooler:

  • Size

With the compact size, it allows convenience and easy transportation anywhere. It can easily fit into your car without taking too much space. It makes the perfect cooler to the beach, picnics, road trips, work, and more!

F12: Dimension (LxWxH): 22.4" x 12.6" x 9"

F20: Dimension ( LxWxH): 22.4: x 12.6" x 12.4"

  • Single Zone

Similar to our other models, the single zone will allow you to set the cooler as either a refrigerator or freezer. You can set the cooler temperature anywhere from 0°F to 50°F. No more hassle of having to carry ice!

  • Features

A great feature of all of Setpower's fridges are the control panels that includes:

- Eco Mode to help save energy

- Max Mode to help cool the fridge faster

- 3 - Level Battery Protection which will help prevent your vehicle from battery depletion

- Off - Road Approved that allows you to use within 30° bumps and will handle muddy mountains roads or steep valleys

  • Package Includes:

Inside the package will include your refrigerator unit, a manual, and a 12V car cigarette lighter.

  • Warranty

Setpower products have a 2 year warranty for the compressor and 1 year warranty on all other parts.

August 23, 2021 — joey lv