Why choose a fan instead of an air conditioner?

Air conditioners may be a first option to choose to help cool down in the summer heat rather than a fan; however, there are many advantages a fan has compared to an air conditioner.


  • For health:

With the electric fan, it uses the fresh air outside whereas, with an air conditioner, it requires energy and an outlet to be plugged in for use. Also, with an air conditioner, it circulates indoor air to produce a cooler air. However, there are many studies that have proved that indoor air quality is more dangerous and harmful than outdoor air. This is because with indoor air, there are many dusts inside that circulates. This can lead to health problems.

  • For energy saving:

Since air conditioners requires energy to be used, it will cost more. Different air conditioners may vary in price, but they typically cost more than an electric fan. Therefore, with an electric fan, it saves you money on your electrical bill.

  • For design:

With the electric fan, it is portable to use anywhere. You can use it indoor or outdoor. It comes with a charging cable and can last up to 30 hours. With an air conditioner, it needs to be plugged in for use, therefore, it is not as portable and convenient. In addition, the size and the weight of the fan is more user friendly.


So how do you choose the right fan for yourself?

To decide which fan is the right choice for you, we would need to see which scenario you’re using a fan for. For home use, a tower fan is a great choice to bring you cool air while rotating to utilize more space. There are many additional options with a home fan such as the ability to purify the air; however, this will cost more. Another scenario to use a fan is outdoors. You would need a battery-operated fan since you would need a fan that is portable.


Another interesting fact to know is that our fan uses a brushless motor compared to a brush motor. It is better than a brush motor in terms of noise and reliability. It has a lower life and maintenance costs and is more resistant to interference. With a portable fan that can be used outdoor, the brushless electric machines make a more friendly safe use and reliable.


The last point to take into consideration is the material. Whether it is the material of the fan blade or the fabric of the shell. The obvious point is that the surface material must be strong. The use of plastic will reduce the stabilization. Although quality of plastic will be lighter than metal, thus the price will be less expensive; however, the stability and protection are limited.


Another material to consider is the fan blade. Many products use metal as the material of the blade. Metal blades are indeed more substantial and more stable than plastic blades; however, metal blades are much higher than plastic in terms of blade weight and noise. Another thought is that metal blades are more dangerous than plastic blades. If someone or something were to accidently touch the metal blade, it can cause an injury.


Final thoughts,

When buying a fan, please consider the usage scenarios. We highly recommended to purchase a brushless motor fan. For outdoor use, a battery fan is a better choice. For indoor use, using a fan combined with an air conditioner is a great choice, which can strengthen airflow and reduce harmful air quality. In addition, having a general understanding of the materials used for fans reduces the safety problem caused by materials.

December 28, 2021 — joey lv