Customer Stories: How SetPower Fridges Changed Our Travel Experience


When it comes to outdoor adventures and road trips, the right gear can make all the difference. Among the essential items for any avid traveler or camper, a reliable portable fridge stands out. At SetPower, we are proud to offer a range of portable fridges that have not only met but exceeded the expectations of our customers. In this blog, we share some heartfelt stories from our customers who have experienced firsthand how SetPower fridges have transformed their travel experiences.

Adventure-Ready: Emily’s Solo Camping Escapades

Emily, a solo traveler and outdoor enthusiast, has always found peace and solace in nature. Her love for solo camping trips often led her to remote locations, far from the conveniences of urban life. Emily shared her experience with our AB15 portable fridge, highlighting how it revolutionized her camping trips.

"Before getting the SetPower AB15 fridge, I used to rely on traditional coolers with ice packs. While they worked to some extent, they were far from ideal. The ice would melt quickly, and my food would often get soggy or spoiled. When I discovered the AB15, I was intrigued by its features, especially the reversible lid and compact size. On my first trip with the AB15, I was amazed at how much easier it made everything. The fridge kept my food and drinks perfectly chilled, and I no longer had to worry about melted ice. Its compact design fit perfectly in my car, saving space for other gear. The AB15 has truly enhanced my solo camping adventures by providing the convenience and reliability I needed."


Family Fun: The Robinsons’ Cross-Country Road Trip

The Robinson family, consisting of parents John and Lisa and their two kids, embarked on a memorable cross-country road trip last summer. With a keen eye on making the journey enjoyable for everyone, they chose the SetPower PT55 dual-zone fridge to keep their food and beverages fresh.

 "Traveling with kids means having a constant supply of snacks and drinks," John said. "We wanted to ensure that we had enough storage space for different types of food without compromising on freshness. The PT55's dual-zone feature was a game-changer for us. We could store perishable items like dairy and meat in one zone and drinks and snacks in the other. This organization made it so easy to access what we needed without constantly digging through the fridge. Additionally, the PT55’s 58Qt large capacity meant we didn’t have to stop as often for supplies, allowing us to cover more ground each day. The SetPower fridge kept everything at the perfect temperature, making our road trip smooth and enjoyable."


Van Life: Sunny’s Compact Living Solution

Sunny, a full-time van lifer, relies on efficient and space-saving solutions to maintain her minimalist lifestyle. Her van is not only her mode of transportation but also her home. Sunny's story with the SetPower MC20 portable fridge highlights how it has seamlessly integrated into her daily life.

 "Living in a van means every inch of space is valuable," Sunny explained. "I needed a fridge that wouldn't take up too much room but still offered enough storage for my essentials. The SetPower MC20 was the perfect solution. Its lightweight and compact design allowed me to fit it into my small kitchen area without any hassle. Despite its size, the MC20 can store a surprising amount of food. I also love that it runs quietly, so it doesn't disturb my peace while I'm resting or working. With the MC20, I can keep fresh produce, dairy, and drinks on hand at all times, making my van life much more comfortable and convenient."


Outdoor Enthusiasts: Jake and Sarah’s Camping Adventures

Jake and Sarah, a couple who share a passion for camping and hiking, frequently venture into the wilderness for extended trips. They opted for the SetPower RV45Pro, and their story underscores the fridge's versatility and user-friendly features.

 "Camping off-grid for days at a time requires careful planning, especially when it comes to food storage," Sarah said. "The RV45Pro’s spacious interior and adjustable temperature settings were perfect for our needs. One feature we particularly appreciate is the reversible lid. Depending on how we set up our campsite, we can change the direction the lid opens, making it super convenient to access our food without moving the fridge around. The RV45Pro kept our supplies fresh throughout our trip, and we never had to worry about spoilage. It’s become an essential part of our camping gear."


Final Thoughts

These customer stories illustrate the profound impact SetPower portable fridges have had on various types of travel experiences. Whether it’s solo camping, family road trips, van life, or extended camping adventures, SetPower fridges offer the reliability, convenience, and efficiency that modern travelers need. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our customers can focus on enjoying their journeys without worrying about food storage.

 As you plan your next adventure, consider how a SetPower portable fridge can enhance your experience. With features designed to meet diverse needs and preferences, there’s a SetPower fridge for every traveler. Explore our range and join the many satisfied customers who have made SetPower an integral part of their travel gear.