3 Amazing Colorado Destinations You Should Access by Your Vehicle


Ever wanted to enjoy the majesty of the Centennial State’s wilderness vistas without having to use your legs? You’re not alone: Overlanding, the Instagram-era name for exploring the backcountry as far as any road—and street-legal vehicle—will take you, is one of the fastest-growing automotive trends, according to the Specialty Equipment Market Association. You can travel deep into the wilderness and make your camp as luxurious and comfortable as you can imagine. But don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend big to enjoy the outdoors on four wheels. These Colorado starter routes should be a regular Sunday cruise in with your vehicle.

Day Drive:
Boreas Pass

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Boreas Pass is located in White River National Forest. In the autumn dry weather, your vehicle can tackle this former railway very smoothly, which winds from U.S. 285 over its namesake 11,492-foot mountain pass to Breckenridge. Although the track was converted into a gravel road in the 1950s, the route is still home to plenty of historical sites—including the 140-year-old Section House, where railroad maintenance workers once lived with their families; a water tank used to refill the thirsty steam engines of passing trains; and the tiny town of Como, where you’ll find a Victorian-era train station and hotel.

Overnight Drive:
Alpine Loop

Alpine Loop.jpg__PID:9e779de2-0b1b-4d1a-af2b-800df364166b

Alpine Triangle Recreation Area is a part of the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway Program, but this unpaved circuit, connecting Ouray, Lake City, and Silverton, circles the Bureau of Land Management's Red Cloud Peak Wilderness Study Area, a protected backcountry zone that's home to 30 mountains over 13,000 feet.

Weekend Drive:        
Backcountry Discovery Route Segment 4

Buena Vista to Gypsum-2.jpg__PID:9de20b1b-4d1a-4f2b-800d-f364166bf7f4

The 682-mile Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route, a collection of (mostly) dirt roads from the Four Corners region to the Wyoming border, comprises six sections and requires a week or more to complete. If that’s too much of a commitment, Segment 4 snakes 143 miles from Buena Vista to Gypsum and is a good trial run for a multiday outing.

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Final Thoughts

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